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Friday, 03 April 2015 15:25
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In the most worth seeing place of island, the marriage gains the atmosphere that every couple dreams of.

The location of Kalithea Springs is suitable for the weddings of couples who decide to exchange vows of eternal loyalty in unique surroundings in front of the fountain with a statue of the god Cupid.

The staff of Kalithea Springs provides the organization for a brief dreamlike ceremony.

What to visit


Wander the magnificent Great Rotunda with the dome of 14 meters height, elaborately decorated where cultural events are held throughout the year. In the closed circular space of Rotunda exhibitions of painting and photography are hosted while in the open space with the magnificent sea views and the romantic statue of Cupid standing proudly in the middle, concerts, dance and theatrical performances, lectures, gala dinner, etc. are held.


The magical bay with crystal water, rich vegetation on the slopes, the organized beach, the quay with the café and the naturalness of the landscape with the rocks and caves are the ideal choice for tourists and locals during the summer.


The cafeteria on the waterfront of Kalithea, open till late at night, with breathtaking views, the romantic light from the moon and lanterns, the appropriate music and impeccable service provide moments of coolness and relaxation to visitors.


At the shops of the Kalithea Springs you can find authentic items such postcards, white and red wines of the Kalithea Springs, traditional pastries of the region.


The historic refreshment room that has hosted historic figures of the era and offer entertainment, with dancing and music involved in romantic films with big actors, was renovated and transformed into a modern cafe with high-quality services.

With the backdrop of the picturesque harbor and the pier of the Monument, it changes colors from sunrise to sunset, intensely and then sweetly and continues until late at night with music, sometimes quiet and other times vivid with lively pace and intensity. Drinks and snacks are available in a great variety, ice cream and desserts, all fresh from a local company named.

The most common things such as coffee are transformed into pleasure and refreshing experience at the Cafeteria of Kalithea Springs. For the clique, the family and the most romantic moments, the unique surroundings, the deep armchairs, the comfortable chaise longues viewing in the blue bay and séparés giving and atmosphere for unforgettable hours of relaxation are the must of the summer.

Open throughout the day: 9.00 till late ...


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